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In holding the 2nd Japan XR Science Forum


Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, various self-restraint environments have been forced, and this forum will be held online as it was last year. We would like to express our sincere gratitude and welcome greetings to all who participate.


This year's forum will be run by members of the "Paris Japanese Researchers Association" and the "Paris Young Physicists Association", which organize study sessions for Japanese researchers based in Paris under the direction of UJA. I was involved and was able to cover a wide range of fields including natural sciences, medicine, physics, and computational science. By having Japanese and French researchers and students who are active in various fields participate, the main purpose is to collide with curiosity across fields and to activate the exchanges that arise from them. We are here. I am the representative of the "Paris Japanese Researchers Association" mentioned above, and I have come to realize the environment where hot discussions are exchanged many times through the interaction between different fields. We hope that this kind of environment will be an opportunity to further develop your research in this forum as well.


In addition to online oral presentations, poster presentations that make full use of the virtual reality space will provide a place for exchanging opinions in a form closer to that of a regular academic society. Furthermore, in the latter half of the parallel session "Study Abroad Recommendations", researchers from various positions will talk about the actual situation of research life in France with their experiences so that they can respond to various questions of the participants. We are preparing. In addition, in the "Research Grants / Fellowships" session, we would like to provide you with useful information for obtaining research funds.

I would like to thank everyone who made an effort to hold this forum, and wish for a fruitful day of lively exchange of opinions among the participants. Let me do it.


June 2021 


Japan XR Science Forum 2021 in Paris

President Emi Murayama

( Pasteur Institute , French National Institute of Public Health (INSERM) )

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